TNT (Transformation of the Terezín negatives)

The collection of the destructed negatives from the Terezín landscape denies the classical photographical procedure of the storage of the pictures from the past. It turns to the opposite. The negatives left in the original place change its original messages. In the natural environment the original picture vanishes and this one is replaced by another picture. And this is all in the hands of the processes currently running in the environment. The main theme of this collection is the very transformation of the negative/photograph surface. The collection called simply Transformation of the Terezín negatives lies in the principle of the natural postproduction of negatives or photographs. The picture layer is left to the natural elements and the processes running naturally. It is a symbolical return of picture (held moment) to its original source. The landscape in time, the time in the landscape. The disappearance of the photo-picture reality in its arms. In the meanwhile, on the edge of the very existence of the original picture spontaneously a new picture appears, fascinating for its potential of significations and inner imagination filled with unexpected possibilities. The remarkable statements of these residual pictures is beyond the place it self. The simple act or returning a part of the film archive to the place where it was once originated is in the same time kind of a ritual epilogue to the photographical research in Terezín. One could say (even though in a different sense): „Death to analogue!” for from the old analogue a new analogue is born. The destructive principle turns into a creative principle.