Neo-archaeological project of Andere Seite Studio. Its main theme research of the Terezín territory trough collecting and digitalisation of terezinian artefacts. The period of gathering of the objects was 2002 – 2007. The project in total containins several hundreds of scanned artefacts found within Terezín – so called Teroids – is trying to show Terezín from a brand new perspective. The individual objects are perceived from long-term sedimentation and overlaying in the space of the urban scene. The Teroids were originated through direct digitalisation of objects in scanner. The total amount of the object archive consists of different objects in a different degree of destruction, patina coating or fragmentation. The objects are individually marked with coding system specially invented for this project. The code contains the name of the object as well as other information describing the immanent characteristics of the actual thing and the qualities it received according to the place it was situated in. The Teroid – objects were taken in order to use their potential to tell new plots and reveal something from its inside inorganic and collective memory of the place as well as other perceptions of the place. Through the simple intervention was the inevitable process of their unnoticed erosion stopped. And this interruption was transferred to the gallery. With this the results of the collectors activity remain not only witness of the sediment of the Terezín history but also refer to the character of human presence in this specific place.